Free eBook: How to Write An eBook That Delivers Qualified Leads

The complete marketer's guide from planning to design and promotion of your eBook.

To create a successful eBook, you have to be a hybrid marketer: part journalist, part designer, an expert project manager, and an all-around content strategist.Thankfully, there’s no need to do it alone. 

By downloading this eBook you will learn how to:

  • Pick an engaging topic your customers will love
  • Write and design useful content
  • Promote your eBook with measurable results

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What’s inside?

Planning - Find out how to organise your sales and marketing teams and structure your workflows efficiently with project management tools.

Content and Concept – Learn how to pick a topic of interest that will generate leads for sales. Use your expertise to create useful and concise content in a well structured and readable eBook.

Design – Learn how to capture your audience’s interest by professionally designing eBook covers, graphics and layouts followed by a call-to-action.

Promotion – Creating the eBook is only the beginning. Find out how to launch your copy, track your metrics and run promotions across relevant channels.

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