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It's difficult to determine how many leads you need to meet your growth objectives. It's even harder, to know how how much traffic you need to drive to your site to generate those leads.

Once you input your baseline sales and marketing metrics, our team will figure out exactly how much traffic you need to generate to meet and exceed your goals. It will also help you set conversion goals and identify how many site visitors you'll need to convert from the traffic you've generated in order to reach your revenue goals.

Get in touch today and one of our growth experts will help you set marketing goals each month using maths, not guesswork for free. 

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What you'll get: 

  • How many leads you need to create
  • How much website traffic you require
  • Conversion rates you need to meet goals
  • Conversion rates required to exceed goals

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Gripped's inbound marketing services delivered results immediately and within six weeks our lead flow increased three fold.

Hugo Harber
VP, Managed Cloud, Colt

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